Membership Terms and Conditions

Autism Adventures UK Ltd CIC 
BDC Centre Of Excellence 
Parklands Conleach Road 
L24 0TR

CIC NUMBER 10438787

Below are the terms and conditions that you agree to by becoming a member of autism adventures By signing this agreement, you are agreeing to the term and conditions and agreeing that any breech of conditions can result in your membership being terminated

We at autism adventures promote a culture of positive actions and positive words

We support and help other members and share good practise

All members are encouraged to support our group in fundraising we need to keep events going for our children

We run 4 fundraising events throughout the year and ask that you volunteer your services for at least on of the events as without regular fundraising we cannot sustained the events we provide

Notice of any charge for events will be given well in advance of the event taking place

We cannot at any time be responable for any children at events we host and a parent or carer over the age of 18 must be present and supervise their child at all times

No responsibility can be taken for any injury to child or supervised adult by autism adventures for any activities you undertake on days out although we hold relevant insurance for events we are organising we are not responable for any events you undertake on trips such as fair ground rides or boat trips

All children who join the group are asked to sign a behaviour contract which helps our children to be able to understand the rules of sharing and caring for each other

While we understand that our children struggle with taking instructions we provide these in a format we hope they can follow with visuals and clear simple instructions that are reinforced throughout the session

All children we work with are offered encouragement whilst undertaking any task and we always look to praise any achievement no matter how small to promote positive feelings and actions by our children

We do however have to have some rules and some behaviours cannot be expected due to the safe guarding policy for all children in the group

We cannot have any of the children in our group displaying behaviours that will cause others harm or a behaviour that is racist or deemed to bully another child

If this behaviour occurs, we will always try and resolve and issue by using strategies that are suitable to meet the child’s needs but if the incident is violent to another child or adult or persistent bully and disregard for the safety of others we will have to ask the child to leave the setting

This would only happen as a last resort when all other options had been exhausted but parents and children need to be aware the group will not tolerate violence racist behaviour or bulling

Parents or carers of the children in their care must be able to look after them and we cannot have any alcohol or drugs on site at any time and anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the premises will be asked to leave with the child or children in their care and we will have no option under our safeguarding policy but to report any incidents to the authorities

We run a no smoking policy and smoking is not permitted at any events we run and in the ground of any premises that we are using for activities