Safeguarding Policy Statement

Autism Adventures UK LTD CIC 
Registered with companies house registration number 10438787

Introduction to our setting’s safeguarding children policy statement

Our setting keeps the needs and best interests of children at the centre of everything we do. We aim to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children in our care by:

Providing a safe play environment that builds their confidence and self—esteem
  • Where children can talk and are listened to 
  • Where children do not experience bullying, harassment or racism
  • Where children’s medical and health needs are met
Providing a positive and preventative environment that supports young people
  • To make good choices about healthy, safe lifestyles
  • To ask for help if their health or safety is threatened 
Working in partnership with mothers, fathers and carers
  • We are committed to developing and maintaining an honest and open relationship with mothers, fathers and carers
  • We are committed to involving parents and carers at all stages of a child’s care
  • Mothers, fathers and carers understand our setting’s safeguarding responsibilities and how we will implement them 
Working in an inclusive way that helps every child
  • To feel accepted and included
  • To fulfil their potential 
Working in an integrated way with other agencies that maximises opportunities for
  • Early identification of additional needs, early intervention and prevention
  • Speedy intervention based on multi-agency co-operation
  • Common methods of sharing information and assessing need e.g. use of the Common Assessment Framework, Information Sharing, Safetynet+  
Contact Numbers
  • Julie Simpson - 0789 429 1681